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Quasiris Search Cloud

is the next generation search runtime to bring the customer experience to the next level. Start the journey with few clicks!

AI ready

Our tailor-made solutions are based on cutting-edge AI technology that learns autonomously and is continuously evolving. With us, you can finally stop searching and start enjoying the discovery.

cognitive search

Our features go beyond conventional search and can find the needle in the haystack even with vague terms. Just a few words that roughly describe the target object are sufficient; technical terms are no longer necessary.

easy usage/ customizing

Our solution is flexible and can be used in various ways, from simple operation to configuring the most specific settings via the web UI. Start small and take advantage of advanced features as your needs grow.

Contact Our Experts

Our experts help you to find solutions that fit

We have everything for you

AI driven

Unlock the future of search with AI-driven enhancements. LLM, Vectors, Classifier and more

Cloud ready

AWS, GCP, Azure integrations or deploy own instance with few clicks

Modular Search

Customize your search experience with modular simplicity

Quick setup/ flexible config

Get started in minutes with launcher and advanced configuration options

Intelligent Search

Self optimized searchresults and dynamic filters

Data privacy/ Auditlog

Guarding your data integrity with vigilant privacy and audit logs

Management Dashboard

Take command of your search strategy with an customizable dashboards

On premise

Available for installation and hosting within your organization

Connect your favourite engine or use ours

You can use your favourite engine and connect it to our cloud or just use our that runs as managed service and is ready in just few seconds.

Optimize your search without any prior knowledge

Switch the existing search to autopilot

Your search is set to become smarter while retaining existing requirements? No problem. Simply switch the search to autopilot, incorporating the QSC-NeuralEngine to enhance its intelligence. The installation will be handled by experts, ensuring that existing requirements remain intact, and you’ll have full control..

Embark on the journey and relax— the autopilot will safely guide you to your destination.

Utilize proven AI technology

Utilize existing foundation models/LLMs such as OpenAI, AWS (Claude, Titan, Blazingtext…), Google Cloud Console (GCP) Cohere, Vertex AI, BERT, Fasttext, or leverage multiple models combined/mixed with your own trained/fine-tuned models— with QSC, there are no limits.
Grafik: Vertex AI, GCP

At the cutting edge of technology

If you’re unsure which search provider meets your requirements, simply test your candidates with our three-step benchmark.

1. Define a gold standard using our semi-automated tool
2. Select your search candidates
3. Click the button to generate the report. The report can be exported as a PDF or displayed on the dashboard.

Get started in 3 steps

1. Create a new search from sample data

Send us a sample document from your data to create a new search..

2. Configuration adjustment

The search is pre-configured with defaults, and the wizard guides you through configuring the new search.

2. Configuration adjustment

The search is pre-configured with defaults, and the wizard guides you through configuring the new search.

3. Save settings

The new search will be ready in just a few seconds. Our AI takes the wheel and switches the search to autopilot. Sit back and focus on the truly important things.!

Empower Your Data Journey

You can run the Quasiris Search Cloud on your own infrastructure and easily deploy to AWS, GCloud, Azure, Kubernetes or own Systems.
There are multiple connectors to databases, search-engines like (Elasticsearch, Opensearch, Solr, Lucene) and streaming processors like Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Beam, Google Dataflow and many others.

Our professional team helps you with the optimal setup and migration.

We are Hiring!

In a rapidly digitizing world, your expertise in information technology is more in demand than ever. We are looking for enthusiastic employees who are ready to develop innovative solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible. With us, you will find a dynamic working environment where creativity and technological excellence are encouraged. Benefit from ongoing professional development, an attractive remuneration package and the opportunity to work on pioneering projects. Apply and become part of our team!

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We are convinced that the key to success lies in cooperation. That’s why we invite you to become a partner in our growing network. Our partnership offers you access to innovative technologies, joint projects and a platform where your solutions and services can reach a wider audience. We believe in a synergy created through common goals, mutual support and the exchange of expertise. Join our network to take joint solutions to the next level.

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